CAS No: 79725- 98 -7 Kojic acid dipalmitate

Cosmetic materials cas 79725-98-7 Kojic Acid DipalmitateProduct desription                                                                        

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Cosmetic materials cas 79725-98-7 Kojic Acid Dipalmitate

Product desription     
Kojic acid dipalmitate is modified kojic acid derivative,which not only overcomes the instability to light, heat and metallic ion, but also keeps the inhibitory tyrosinase activity and prevents the forming of melanin.

Kojic dipalmitate owns stable chemical property. It will not turn yellow for oxidation, metallic ion, illumination and heating. As fat soluble skin whitening agent,it is easier to be absorbed by skin.
Product  Nameacid dipalmitate 
Appearancewhite powder
Detailed image
CAS No: 79725-98-7 Kojic Acid Dipalmitate
CAS No: 79725-98-7 Kojic Acid Dipalmitate
CAS No: 79725-98-7 Kojic Acid Dipalmitate
CAS No: 79725-98-7 Kojic Acid Dipalmitate


Melting point153°~156°154°
SolubilitySoluble in waterComplies
Loss on drying≤0.5%0.32%
Residue on ignition<0.1%Complies
Heavy metals<3ppmComplies


(1)Kojic Acid Dipalmitate offers more efficacious skin lightening effects. Compared with Kojic Acid, Kojic Acid Dipalmitate
markedly enhances the inhibitory effects on tyrosinase activity, which prohibits the formation of melanin.
(2)Kojic Acid Dipalmitate is light and heat stable, while kojic Acid tends to oxidize over time.
(3)Kojic Acid Dipalmitate is stable within a wide pH range of 4-9, which procides flexibility to formulators.
(4)Kojic Acid Dipalmitate does not turn brown or yellow over time for two reasons. First, Kojic Acid is not stable to light and
heat, and tends to oxidize, which results in color change (often yellow or brown). Second, Kojic Acid tends to chelate with metal
irons, which often results in color change. On the contrary,Kojic Acid Dipalmitate is stable to pH, light, heat and oxidation, and
does not complex with metal ions, which lead to color stability.

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CAS No: 79725-98-7 Kojic Acid Dipalmitate
CAS No: 79725-98-7 Kojic Acid Dipalmitate

CAS No: 79725-98-7 Kojic Acid Dipalmitate

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