Pvp K30 Polyvinylpyrrolidone K30 Pharmaceutical, industrial, cosmetic grade

ALL KINDS OF PVPTYPE  K VALUE           MVK12   10.2 - 13.8       3,000 - 7,000K15   12.75 - 17.25     8,000 - 12,000K17   15.3 - 18.36      

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TYPE  K VALUE           MV
K12   10.2 - 13.8       3,000 - 7,000
K15   12.75 - 17.25     8,000 - 12,000
K17   15.3 - 18.36      10,000 - 16,000
K25   22.5 - 27.0       30,000 - 40,000
K30   27 - 32.4         45,000 - 58,000
K60   54 - 64.8         270,000 - 400,000
K90   81 - 97.2         1,000,000 - 1,500,000

Product Name: Polyvinylpyrrolidone 
CAS NO.:9003-39-8
Molecular formula:(C6H9NO)n

Appearance: White or yellowish-white powder
Identification A: IR
Identification B: The substance dissolves.
PH (1.0g-20.0ml): 3.0-7.0
Water: NMT 5.0%
Vinylpyrrolidinone: NMT 0.2%
K-value: 25.0-34.0

Product Properties: 
Povidone is a hygroscopic polymer ,supplied in white or creamy white powder or flakes,ranging from low to high viscosity & low to high molecular weight,which characterized by K Value.It's easily soluble in water and many other organic solvents,with excellent hygroscopisty,film-forming,adhesive,chemical stability and toxicological safeness characters.
Cosmetics:PVPK30 can be used as firm-forming agent,viscosity-enhancement agenr, lubricaror and adhesive.They are the key component of hair spray,mousse gels and lotions & solution.They are also convenience assistant in skin-care product,hair-drying reagent,shampoo,eye makeup, lipstick,deodorant,sunscreen and dentifrice.
Pharmaceutical:Povidone K30 is a new and excellent pharmaceutical excipient.It is mainly used as binder for tablet and pellet,dissolving assistant for injection,flow assistant for capsule,dispersant for liquid medicine and pigment,stabilizer or enzyme and heat sensitive drug,coprecipitant for poorly soluble drug,lubricator and antitoxical assistant for eye drug,PVP has been used as excipient more than one hundred drugs.
Industrial: PVPK30 can be used as foaming polystyrene additives, suspension polymerization gelling agents, stabilizers, fiber processing agents, paper processing agents, adhesives, thickeners.
Packing: 10KG/25kg/50KG/cardboard drums/plastic drums
Storage: Placed in an airtight container. in dry, avoid light environment

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