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2022-01-03 15:56:52 By : Mr. lv ford

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The road to the top of WoW Classic's PvP ladder is infamously difficult and lengthy.

In World of Warcraft: Classic, the grind to the top of the PvP ladder is one of the most infamous features the game has to offer. With thousands of honorable kills required to not only earn a high ranking, but maintain it, PvP in WoW Classic requires immense dedication. And while the task of achieving the fabled “Rank 14” might have been a tough task back when WoW was originally released in 2004, it’s just as difficult this time around during the reissue of WoW Classic. 

WoW Classic’s notoriously difficult to navigate and arguably dated ranking system features weekly rank decay for all players at every rank, practically forcing players to retrace their steps each week if they want to keep their PvP rank up. With so much ground to cover, WoW: Classic presents one of the toughest uphill battles for a competitive PvP game. 

If you want to climb to the top, though, you’ll have a swath of ranks to tread through. Here are all of the attainable PvP ranks in WoW: Classic, along with the relevant rewards for achieving each rank.

60,000 Honor is an incredibly difficult mark to reach, as countless hours, honorable kills, and battlegrounds will be required for a player to reach WoW Classic’s highest PvP rank. What makes the climb to Rank 14 even harder is WoW Classic’s inherent rank decay. Each week, you’ll receive a 20-percent hit to your Honor based on how much Honor you earned during the course of the previous week. To keep yourself on track and outpace the game’s rank decay, you’ll have to calculate 20 percent of your total honor and earn that number again as a safety blanket. 

Additionally, less honor is granted to your character each time you earn a repeated kill on an enemy player. Make sure to diversify the players you’re up against in a grinding session to maximize the amount of Honor you earn. Camping the same players over and over again will eventually result in a net negative for your Honor. 

The WoW Classic ranking system does not work like a traditional ranking system, where every player is stacked up on top of each other like a ladder and progress is cumulative. Instead, your rank is reset each week, combined with the rank you received during the previous week to formulate an average, and then compared to every other player on your server.